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Ananda-HATTTM Hybrid Automated Test Technology

The current spectrum of automated test tools requires extensive coding of test methods learning a new programming language or script to test. Over the long run, this results in mountains of unmaintainable test code with embedded data; serves neither domain experts nor QA specialists. Ananda-HATT requires no coding, promotes Functional Test Driven Development, and empowers both testers and developers. It is based on our Accumulative Testing Model. Ananda-HATT is a product of our research; it is innovative, intuitive, accumulative, and ideal for Functional Test-Driven Development. It integrates well with Ananda-SEW.

Ananda-SEWTM Software Engineering Workbench

Ananda-SEWTM is an innovative, integrated project management tool. It links various software life cycle activities like User Requirements Definition, Test Planning, Software Estimation, Resource Assignment, Metrics Collection, Defects Tracking, Change Management, and Impact Analysis.