About US

When our Customers succeed

We succeed

The founders of Ramaanchar Technologies have been motivated by the three great "R"s namely Ramanuja the great Indian philosopher, Ramanujan the Indian math genius, and Ramanuja the role model head of the family. Ramaanchar is a respectful way of addressing Ramanuja.

Ramaanchar Technologies, Inc. specializes in custom software development. Our team has several years of experience in Information Systems and Engineering Application development. Our expertise includes Relational Databases, Software Engineering, and web application development.

Because our customers have various needs and requirements, we handle our projects in many ways including:

  • On-site software development at the customer's site

  • Off-site software development at Ramaanchar Technologies, Inc.

We deliver high-quality software using in-house reusable component libraries, Test-driven development methodology, and mature Software Engineering processes.